Sheila and Marco


About This Wedding

Date: August 15, 2009
Location: Cotillion Banquets
Guests: 200 people

Explain your involvement in selecting florals. Were you knowledgeable about your selections, or did you rely on suggestions from Tiffany?

When I met with Tiffany, I had no clue as to what was in season, names of flowers/plants etc.  All I had were pictures.  Tiffany, did such an amazing job at explaining what things would look like, what I could have that was in season, and she was so easy to talk to.  She made me feel comfortable and she made me feel as if I had nothing to worry about, and it was a huge help.

What was it about your florals that you remember the most from your wedding?

I remember all of my floral arrangements, like my bouquet, centerpieces, staircase flowers, etc.  It is the one part of my wedding that I still remember and that my guests have not forgotten.  We got so many compliments because it was so unique and so beautiful. My bouquet was stunning, elegant, and it fit my personality.  I had to buy a plant just so that I could have it with me (when in bloom).  My floral arrangements are what made my wedding, it wasn’t the dresses or even my dress, it was the flowers and Tiffany’s amazing eye for decorating.  

How would you sum up your overall experience with Tiffany / OD? Something you would tell your friends, or someone that may be considering working with Tiffany?

Tiffany was so easy to talk to and she understood that we were on a budget and was able to make all my wishes come true within that budget.  Picking floral arrangements must have been the easiest part of my entire pre wedding process thanks to Tiffany.  I definitely did refer her to my sister-in-law who also used Oliver Dogwood for her wedding.  And we have been referring soon-to-be brides, ever since.  I love Tiffany, and would do anything to help her.