Oliver Dogwood Floral Co. was created from the love of everything floral and just making things pretty. Owner and designer, Tiffany Schimmerling, is celebrating 13 years with her Chicago business located in the West Loop. 

Tiffany Schimmerling

Oliver Dogwood Floral Co. was created in 2005 after years of working and learning from the best of the best at some of the most creative flower shops in Chicago. I watched with eager delight how to create beauty with flower, how to always exceed your customer expectations and give them excellent service. I learned what to look for when selecting vendors and the importance and value of having strong relationships... especially with the guy who's going to be selling you your flowers, so I could give the best product to my clients.

Our Philosophy, like our style, is simple. Sell and create pretty.... always. I'm relentless and striving always to please my clients making their event, celebration or just because day.

We are a part of our clients happiest day to their saddest day, and I feel honored to be a part of it all and to create a beautiful moment for them. Pleasing my clients, seeing their joy, reading their thank you's means everything to me and I try to show it in our work every day.

Meet Ella. She is our floral studio English bulldog, and loves taking impromptu photoshoots and our Quality Control. Okay, no seriously... she truly enjoys smelling the roses and greeting our clients. 

Ella, shop pup


Where would Oliver Dogwood be without our Operations Manager, Nick? He makes sure all the essentials are set up to perfection. Nick truly brings such great energy to the studio!