Jennifer & Joseph

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About This Wedding

Date: October 4, 2015
Location: Bridgeport Art Center, Sculpture Garden
Guests: 170 people

Explain your involvement in selecting florals. Were you knowledgeable about your selections, or did you rely on suggestions from Tiffany?

I completely relied on Tiffany's expertise! I knew I wanted bright fall tones, but outside of that, I left everything to Tiffany. What I appreciated most about Tiffany is that she really got a sense of the feel of the wedding that we wanted for the day and she created some example pieces to share with us before we ever signed a contract. I really appreciated her effort in making sure she understood the look and feel we were going for.

What was it about your florals that you remember the most from your wedding?

The flowers at the wedding were the most memorable part of the day. Every single person we spoke to that day commented on the floral arrangements. Even the venue staff made a point to tell me that they had never seen floral arrangements like what Tiffany had done for us - they were amazing. The large floral arrangements that framed the stage where the ceremony took place were stunning and added such a dramatic effect to an otherwise simple space. I remember the head table probably the best, it was beyond my expectations. The extra touches that Tiffany added that we weren't even expecting made it so incredible. I expected floral centerpieces which were stunning, but I did not expect the rosemary plants that added the most incredible look and smell! We asked for food to be incorporated into our floral designs and to me, that was one of my favorite aspects - every centerpiece had a food element included that looked beautiful and added a fun surprise that the guests all enjoyed discovering.

How would you sum up your overall experience with Tiffany / OD? Something you would tell your friends, or someone that may be considering working with Tiffany?

I would absolutely recommend Tiffany! We had a wonderful experience and are lucky to call her a friend after our wedding. From our first meeting, she was very in-tune with the overall feeling we wanted for our wedding day. She knew the venue well and was able to make some great suggestions how to add to the space without spending a ton of money. She was the only florist who offered to do some sample arrangements for us to make sure she was on the right track prior to ever signing a contract. Tiffany is very easy going, wonderful to work with and will do everything possible to make you wedding day better than you could have ever imagined!